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Reiki mastership class

By the grace of Gurudev shri Basant Soni Ji and Guru mandala, the Reiki 3rd A and 3rd B mastership classes are scheduled from 25-dec-2016 to 28-dec-2016.

Venue: Poonam resort, 124/1 Harniyakehdi, near ocean motors, AB road, Mhow, Indore, M.P.

Contact : Maa UshaBasant +91-9826047178, Shri Bhagwat +91-9754599496, Shri Gyanee +91-9302412365, Shri Mukesh +91-9826563074, Mrs. Shakti +91-9893941671






The devotees subscribing to a variety of faiths have devised specific methods for discovering the ultimate reality. There are seekers of profound truth for whom outward rituals are not that much important as self realization through inner means of Jap (chanting), Tap (penance) and Dhyan (meditation). They simultaneously utilize the power of Dhyanagni (meditation) and Gyanagni (wisdom) to accelerate the process. Attainment of ‘samadhi’ or ‘turyavastha’ is possible through self effort coupled with divine grace. By keeping one’s mind, body and heart engaged in altruistic activities we can refine ourselves and in this journey we receive constant blessings and guidance from evolved souls (in physical or astral bodies). Acquiring power may not be a great achievement. It is also necessary to prevent it from being wasted in meaningless counterproductive pursuits.

The true seeker must ask the question to himself that What is the aim of my meditation ? Why should I spent so many hours observing my mind ? The answer is I must meditate in order to RAISE MY CONSCIOUSNESS. Mind’s various attachments are the cause of misery and sorrow in ones life. We remain totally unaware of the cosmic intelligence – the will of the elemental energy of life. Life is a journey of the unknowable, unpredictable vital force marching from the beginning-less towards the endless. Freedom from conditioned mind is the real liberation of life. The yoga exercise and pranayama though powerful, are only ways to stabilize the mind and body for some time. But with meditation and total awareness, inside and outside, our true nature can be realized. Each person has to find the truth in his own way. Meditation is an inward journey, an experimental path where seeker trusts his own intuition, experience and discover his true nature.

The root cause of suffering is our identification with the mind. Through meditation we enter a mindless state. As we continue to practice any meditation method, then meditation slowly arises. Meditation is not something that we can do; it is something that has to happen spontaneously, only when the practice has been perfected. During meditation we enter an altered state of consciousness in which we are much more alert and awake than in mind identified consciousness state. Basically there is a gap between two thoughts which in mind identified state is difficult to trace. During meditation the intensity of continuous stream of thoughts looses its power, and it is here we elongate the gap between two thoughts, thereby entering into mindlessness state. In this state you are fully awake, you are fully present.

It also raises the vibrational frequency of the energy field that gives life to the physical body. With the help of meditation we realize that mind is just a tool for us to experience this world. The “I” and mind are two different things entirely, with “I” having complete control over mind. But it is due to ignorance that “I” get trapped by mind. It is with this realization that we start unfolding different dimension of consciousness.

Furthermore, the illusion of time and distance, being not able to center in present moment, doubt, greed, lust, emotions, feelings, conditional love, hate, anger, desires etc. are some of the fundamental activities of mind. The memory process of mind has created division in human consciousness. This is the reason why duality is experienced. It is mind that has created the images of ‘I’ and ‘they’ which appear to be separate entities. The mind and prana are highly interdependent. The correct flow of prana makes mind works correctly and vice-versa. Consider the analogy below :

Operator ~~~~> Projector ~~~~> Screen

“I” ~~~~> Mind ~~~~> World

Consciousness ~~~~> Prana ~~~~> Materialistic thing

A camera operator using his video camera projects scenes on screen. Whatever we perceive on the screen through our senses is not real and we know it, yet many times we get so involved that an emotional scene or event literally makes us weep. The same concept applies to our real life people and events where everything is projection of mind. If you met an accident and lost something valuable, do not loose heart. It is divine will and mind at play. As we keep unfolding the layers / projections of mind, more and more secret and ultimately our true nature is revealed.

Taking further, we need to realize the presence of guru in our self because it is only when we have realized that the nature of our mind is same as that of master, from then on we and our guru can never be separable entity. When we have realized that the master and us are inseparable, an enormous gratitude and sense of awe is born in us. Under the divine presence, love and guidance of guru we are then supposed to train our mind to achieve ultimate goal. “Training” the mind does not in any way mean forcibly subjugating or brainwashing. It is first to see directly and concretely how mind functions, a knowledge that we derive from spiritual teachings and through personal experience in meditation practice. Now armed with the power of dhyan and gyan we go beyond the realms of mind thereby discovering our true nature, our being.

Moreover, we are oblivious almost always about life experiences. The negative experiences are often misleading because we usually handle or take them ignorantly, but in fact they are blessing in disguise. We must not try to react to them with aversion as we normally do, but recognize them instead for what they truly are, merely experiences. The realization of the true nature of the experience liberates us from the harm or danger of experience itself transforming negative experience into blessing. Our gurus have handed down to us their mystical teachings which we can not afford to neglect. Instead of doubting them, why don’t we doubt ourselves, our ignorance, our assumption that we know everything already. Doubt is fundamental activity of an unenlightened mind, so be a learner and observe what is there to learn and move further. It is rightly said that when the student is ready teachers automatically appears.

Thoughts can be check mated by counter-thoughts. Spiritual masters, therefore, teach us the importance of chasing away evil thoughts by noble thoughts. Evil thought, however strong they may be, can be nullified by noble counter-thoughts. With meditation you are filled with joy. When the inner self is filled with joy, ego-centric thoughts calm down. Develop patience, as impatience generates jealousy, anger, disappointment, inconsistency, meanness and lack of faith. The foremost attribute of a sadhak is patience.

The secret of living a happy and prosperous life in modern times is simplicity. Realizing the importance of time management and self-discipline does wonders. Today we have to work and earn our living, but we should not entangle in a nine-to-five existence, where we live without deeper understanding of life. Similarly, we should not spend our whole day meditating as if we were living in the mountains in the Himalayas. We must find a balance between personal and professional life, a middle path, where we does not overstretch ourselves with extraneous activities. The answer to questions and solutions of the problems both are not outside, but within our own conscience.

In a nutshell, it is not that much important where we stand today, as in what direction we are moving. Begin raising your consciousness right at this moment. Just like we make holes in banner in order to allow the wind pass through it so that the banner is not torned, similarly do not indulge in events or do not get obsessed by something, instead be the witnessing consciousness, let everything come and go, completely aware of everything. To discover the immortal flame within us we have to have strong determination, abundant will, steadfast dedication and revolt of a visionary.

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