Meditation on sahasrara chakra

Meditation on sahasrara chakra, crown chakra.


If the mooladhara chakra stands for motherly aspect of our life, the security and nourishment, the sahashara stands for father or the direction and guidance we get in life. It has been observed that our connection with our biological father becomes the modal for our relationship with authority, and ultimately, with God. More info is here sahasrara chakra

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Meditation on aagya chakra

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This chakra represents the union of mind, body and spirit. Its importance is more on spiritual level than on physical level. It is associated with imagination, visualization, perception of light, transcendence. More info is here aagya chakra

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Throat chakra meditation

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This is the center of communication and self expression which includes verbal expression, expression of feelings, emotions, ideas, creativity and spirituality. More information can be found here vishuddhi chakra

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Heart chakra meditation

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Meditation on heart chakra will infuse the entire EMOTIONAL BODY with love and can restore a sense of WHOLENESS. It relates to the balance among Body, Mind and Spirit. More info can be found here heart chakra meditation

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Swadhisthana chakra meditation

Swadhisthana chakra meditation, balancing Swadhisthana chakra,sacral chakra,balancing sacral chakra.


It is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. Meditation on swadhisthana chakra clear all negative emotional energies and help balance sexual energies. More info can be found here swadhisthana chakra

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Mooladhara Chakra Meditation

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Meditation on mooladhara chakra strengthen grounding and physical body. It is the first chakra to be focused for kundalini jagran. More info on root chakra is here root chakra


Breathing meditation

Practicing breathing meditation techniques,energy balancing,chakra meditation.


Breathing meditation with focus on heart chakra. This meditation opens hearts chakra when used in conjunction with Reiki. The purpose of this video is to help practitioner visualize the heart chakra getting filled with violet divine light and no audio is used. More information on heart chakra is here heart chakra