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Explaining how to use crystal in healing,

Everything in this universe is the manifestation of prana in different forms possessing different qualities, characteristics and properties. Just like us, the crystals are also manifestation of prana (divine energy /chi/ ki). Sun is the source of this prana who brings these things into existence. The crystals drive their energy from the Sun. Just like we human have an aura and vibrational rate, the crystals too have an aura and vibrational rate. The vibrational rate of a crystal is higher than a common man. Different crystals have different vibrational rate and therefore unique / different qualities and properties.

Crystals are living, pulsating vibrations, even if they appear rigid and lifeless. In most of the cases, their vibrations are in accordance with their appearance and composition. For centuries crystals have been used for healing purposes. There are thousand of folklore giving their magical properties. People have widely used them as amulets, talisman and for medicinal purposes. Crystal is one of the medium to establish direct connection with cosmic energy.

Crystals are said to work on the subtle energetic bodies by focusing energy directly at specific areas which are subject to blockages in the etheric system. Thus they remove blocks and consequently negative thoughts on the energetic level. Different crystals have different capability to absorb vibration, to resonate with one’s energy field. Therefore, choosing a crystal for healing with reiki is a subjective matter and we suggest relying on your intuition and personal experience. Various properties like color, size, shape, quality and type have got to be taken into consideration before using them. Color induces changes in one’s personality, mental state and physical well-being. Crystals are powerful tools to help one to promote self transformation and if they are used with Reiki they work wonders. After using the crystal for reiki treatment, the crystals used have to be cleansed and charged again.

In human body, the cells of dis-eased area or organ starts vibrating at a lower frequency. This happens due to lack of proper amount and improper flow of prana in the affected area. E=hv

Size, quantity and shape matters little when it comes to crystal power.

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