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Different degrees in reiki involve giving different initiations to disciple. Degrees basically refer to the level of reiki attunement imparted on you. Reiki initiation is, first and foremost, a means calculated to induce the beginner to discover for himself certain facts that are not directly revealed to him but which, by the aid of symbolical rites, he will eventually perceive himself. It is not intended to enlighten the beginner but rather to lead him to become conscious of what has hitherto been hidden from him because his mental eye has not been capable of perceiving it.

Reiki I degree is the entry level. The disciple is attuned to reiki energy for the healing of themselves, others, plants and animals etc. The disciple is explained how energy works in every area of our life and how we can harness its mystical power. The class can be one or two days long depending upon teacher’s method of teaching and other requirements. The disciple get familiarized with the basic principles of the reiki practice, history of reiki, what reiki may or may not do, 24 hands positions for treatment and code of ethics for reiki practitioner. We are introduced to aura and chakras, their properties and functioning etc. and making energy ball for healing are taught. Psychic defense is also covered. The disciple is taught how to make wish fulfillment box or chit.

At Reiki II degree, the disciple is attuned with reiki symbols which increase the strength of the healing. Some additional meditations, reiki elixir and spiritual lessons are also taught. How to heal anybody not physically present (distance healing) is taught. Generally, it has been a tradition to teach II degree reiki method after 21 days of learning I degree reiki. This is due to the assumption that we need to cleanse our basic etheric garbage in order to be more able to assimilate more powerful divine energy attuned in II degree reiki. After II degree attunement one feels more powerful at energy level.Feeling strong in ourselves gives us the ability to not only heal ourselves but also to those around us. Self responsibility changes how a life situation is viewed and we are no longer victims of unpleasant life situations. After II degree you can note significant changes in thought process. Compassion will start emerging as you practice with reiki symbols more and more. II degree gives the power to look deep in ourself, working of mind, its projections and power of focused mind.

Reiki III degree is divided into two parts, namely III A degree and III B degree. In III A degree the student is given a master symbol which is supposed to be the ultimate in healing. This symbol symbolizes wholeness and journey of reiki. It empowers other symbols. The strength of the healing now gets extremely powerful. Additionally psychic surgery is taught often.

In III B degree, the disciple now becomes master reiki teacher as he is now authorized to attune others. The method to attune others is revealed to him by his guru’s grace. Keep in mind that becoming reiki master teacher (having III B degree) is not for everyone. The reiki III B degree ask for serious devotion in healing path. It ask for an extensive apprenticeship, training with real dedication and compassion. It ask for serious devotion and service of mankind. The more conservative forms of reiki teachings does not allow anybody to become master easily and their are some norms set for that, yet, in more liberal terms their are some reiki practitioners who will attune you to III B degree without following some common norms. When we have become reiki teacher, the students in effect may act as mirrors to our own process, healing and awakening.

Reikitirth is also a Reiki Training Centre. At reikitirth the attunement process includes original method and enhanced techniques both. The students are also initiated into some other highly powerful spiritual practices. For more details you can view a 3 minute introduction video of reikitirth click here.

Why becoming a reiki master is highly expensive ?

Reiki was brought to west by Mrs. Takata. Japan and western countries have different cultures and ethos etc. Mrs. Takata realized that the concept of “Respect” mind not be well understood by westerns and it will be difficult for her to make them realize the value of reiki. It was therefore that she decided to charge large sum of money for imparting reiki mastership attunement from others. She knew that money is something that western people understand and this will help them have respect and gratitude for reiki. Since then it has been a tradition to charge large sum of money for reiki mastership across the world.

Additional info:

Due to very flexible nature of reiki teaching, you may find wide differences in teaching methods of reiki masters across the world. For example :-

  • Many reiki masters ( especially professionals ), does not follow this system of three degrees in reiki, instead they will combine 1st and 2nd degree into one and reiki mastership as the other.

  • There will be some slight differences in attunement process among different reiki master teachers. But the discipline need not to worry as all of them will work equally. It is said that: “when the student is ready, teacher appears.” So the disciple just has to think about his devotion and divinity in him.

  • Many reiki masters will teach how to use crystals along with reiki in the 1st degree itself while other may cover it in 2nd or 3rd degree. These differences are also the result of different religious and cultural bias. For example in china use of singing bowls with reiki is common. Some reiki teachers also include music therapy, color therapy, pranayama, color breathing, hypnosis, NLP or aroma therapy also.

  • Many reiki masters teach symbols which are used in healing but are not part of traditional reiki healing method. For example antahkarana and flower of life symbols etc.

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