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Just as in electricity, grounding is a conducting connection between an electric circuit and the Earth or some other conducting bodies (chassis). In the psychology, the grounding means to establish a feeling of self-awareness, a foundation of the consciousness of one’s own self. Similarly from energy perspective, it helps release used or excess energy deposited in our body, finding strong balance between materialistic and spiritual life and to establish a connecting awareness in the unity of body, mind, and spirit. Awareness and intention to experience the benefits of being grounded is what is most important.

As have been explained in Aura & chakras section, the bioplasmic body contains charge particles and drives its energy primarily from sun(solar prana), air and ground. We absorb 10% prana from food, 20% from breathing and 70% from universe through chakras or energy body.The prana contained in the ground is called ground prana or ground vitality globule. This is absorbed through the soles of the feet(sole chakra) and is an automatic and unconscious process. Walking barefoot increases the amount of ground prana absorbed by the body. One can learn to consciously draw in more ground prana to increase one’s vitality, physical and mental strength, and ability to think more clearly. Getting grounded means absorbing ground prana from loving mother earth.

Now, we must also understand that it is important to learn about how we could release our unwanted/excess energy and replace them with pure prana. It has been proved scientifically that we tend to accumulate negative energy from our surroundings and also our thoughts and action (karma) results in generating excess energy in chakras. This results in erratic behaviour of chakras and culmination in dis-ease. Tourmaline and negative ion generators are now popular in market as they generate negative ions beneficial for us and they neutralize excess charge. Lying recumbent on ground helps neutralizing excess negative ions deposited. The following are some important points that are useful in receiving and discharging energy: –

(1) The hand and ten finger minor chakra and the Crown Chakra – They are entry point to the receipt of prana. (2) The foot (sole) and the ten toes minor chakra – they are for discharging of unwanted or used or diseased energy into the earth. (3) The acupuncture points – quite similar to the base, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow chakras – along the Governor and Viceroy Channels (Central meridian channel) – they serve the dual functions of receiving and discharging energy.

Also, grounding offers psychic protection from energy vampires and such attacks. During healing sessions we consciously create energy channel and therefore become vulnerable to the fact that, we may absorb negative energy from patient. If we are grounded then this negative energy can not enter in our aura. Traditionally white light circle of protection has been used for this purpose. Moreover, because we are first and foremost spiritual beings the physical body sometimes gets neglected. It is important to respect and care for the “container” that houses our spirit during our incarnate lifetime.

Furthermore, grounding is also about finding balance in life, balance between personal and professional life, a balance between materialistic and spiritual life etc. In current times, people are now more aware of spirituality and its practices. Some people, in a quest for deeper meaning, become ungrounded. They completely give up their personal responsibility in order to embrace their sense of spirituality. They might quit their job or leave their homes in order to join a hermitage. The grounding gives these people sense of security, safety and make them realize that it is more beneficial and easy to attain spiritual perfection while leading married/worldly life. Spiritually, grounding is known to balance ida and pingala meridian and activation of some subtle nadis. It balances all chakras individually and align them. Your energy flows more freely when you are centered and grounded. The following analogy make this point more clear : –

The stability of mind (removal of mental chatter/disturbing thoughts/anxiety/worries) is another most desired and wonderful gift of balance achieved through grounding. Grounding acts as an anchor, anchoring the mind to stay in present moment. Just as tree without firm roots will waiver in times of gale winds, similarly, the mind of ungrounded person will waiver from one thing to another without control. Aura and biofeedback analysis of ungrouded persons have revealed that the mind has more energy than body and spirit. This is the reason why they are restless and as time passes they tend to become insomniac. With grounding our concentration increases and we find it easier to meditate or work effectively in healing session or focus wherever we want. It increases awareness of physical body and surroundings which are of utmost importance to a healer. This increased awareness and sensitivity help him understood, subtle clues that the physical body is indicating about dis-ease.

When we keep our attention in the body as much as possible, we get anchored in now. We are in control of our thoughts and emotions, without loosing our-self in the external world. Thoughts, desires, emotions and fears etc. may be there but they won’t take over us.

Symptoms of being ungrounded
  1. Waiting for tomorrow. Have you ever found yourself living for some potential tomorrow? “Tomorrow will be a better day” or “when I have (money, a job, a relationship, my own home) I will be happy”.
  2. Does your eyes flicker often.
  3. Do you tend to trip over your own feet while walking, or bump into furniture while moving about in your home or office.?
  4. Do you retreat to the bedroom, choosing excessive sleep, in order to avoid uncomfortable life circumstances?
  5. Is it difficult for you to pay attention in the classroom?
  6. Are you easily distracted, unable to stay on task?
  7. Do you routinely to display bursts of anger or frustration in front of others?
  8. Do you find it difficult to put your ideas into action.
  9. Do you duck for cover –energetically or physically– when things get ugly in life situations, preferring not to get caught in the crossfires?
  10. Do you often feel drained, lose vigor or something like physical weakness.
  11. Are you not fully aware of most of the things that are happening around you.
  12. Do you spend a lot of time dwelling on past situations, finding it difficult to move out of those thoughts and live in the present?
  13. Do you never spend time listening to your own inner voice.
  14. Do you lose time? For example: Do you ever find yourself in places -strange or familiar- but don’t remember how you got there? This happens like while driving.
  15. Do you have difficulty staying on topic during group conversations?
  16. Are you often scheming or daydreaming about the future because you are unhappy with the status quo?
  17. Too much. Spending more than you can afford? Eating too much food? Exercising too much? Drinking too much? Doing anything too much, even a good thing like exercising.
  18. Do you believe that you might be addicted to having astral flight experiences?
  19. Feel powerless, out of control or that someone else is controlling you.
  20. Do your emotions often get the better of you, swaying you in directions you would never take if you were in a calmer state?
  21. Have you been called a space cadet, day dreamer, airy fairy, or similar?
  22. When asked to wiggle your toes, do you have to make a conscious effort to do this?
  23. Are you a worrier, stressing out on even the smallest of details?
  24. Do you avoid putting yourself in situations that require your full attention?
  25. Believing fully without analyzing in what someone else says.
  26. Do you find reaching goals and fulfilling target a struggle.
  27. Cold feet and legs, poor circulation.
  28. Are you prone to accidents? Do you often meet minor accidents.
  29. Do you feel that you more often ‘out of body’ than ‘in body?’
  30. Do your heart beat faster many times during day or it palpitate even by small threats.
  31. Low back pain or soreness
  32. Are you physically weak or skinny.
  33. Does your colleague or boss complain that you do not complete task in time allotted.
  34. Do you often feel static shocks.
  35. Do you make decisions and choices which have not been thought through properly.
  36. Do you find it difficult to manage your finances or physical world responsibilities.
  37. Do you often feel restless or are restless in nature.

Note: The symptoms presented above are most commonly observed, yet, some of them may also signify some other cause.

Benefits of grounding
  • The students will find easier to comprehend a topic/subject and increased concentration. The logical and structural thinking will be uplifted.
  • The professionals will find that their productivity and working efficacy is increased. You can do more work in less time now and without feeling drained.
  • Healers will find it easier to develop insight about root cause of dis-ease and treatment of their patients.
  • It will help you to create a calm, centered awareness of your internal environment.
  • It will help your mind quiet the internal dialogue
  • It will help your body to heal from stress related conditions.
  • It will help replenish your energy.
  • It will help to connect you with your intuition.
  • It will help you communicate with Your Higher Self.
How to get Grounded
  1. Doing physical work will ground you and is the best method for this purpose.
  2. Some crystals like black tourmaline are used for this purpose.
  3. Walking bare foot on wet grass like in any park will ground you.
  4. There are meditations specifically for this purpose and people in kundalini jagran usually uses them.
  5. Consciously trying to get involved in present work you are doing will also help.
  6. The mooladhara chakra breathing practice can be used for this purpose.
Meditation to get grounded

In your reiki journey balance is very important. Try to practice this meditation often. Begin your reiki session, invoke reiki, invoke ascended masters etc. Invoke mother earth. Visualize that as if you are sitting on the Earth. Now visualize that a white light ray; reiki is entering from sahasrara chakra and every cell of your body is bathing in it. Now request the reiki to go from your root chakra to the core of the mother earth. Visualize that a white light reiki is now going from your root chakra to the center of the mother earth and the center starts illuminating heavily. You are now strongly connected to the center of the mother earth. Request the mother Earth to draw all the unbalanced energy from your aura – chakra system.

Visualize that a grey garbage the etheric pollution is getting drained right now. Request he mother earth to send her loving energy in order to nourish you. Visualize that a loving pink light and white light ray is coming from the center of the mother Earth and is entering into your root chakra. Visualize this energy filling in every chakra, in every nadi and in every cell of your body. Finally affirm yourself that “I am perfectly connected to the center of mother Earth”. “I am completely stable and divinely protected”. Thanks mother Earth and divine energies for bestowing their blessing upon you.

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