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Born on 15 august 1865 in the village of Taniai (now called Miyama cho), in the Yamagata county of the Gifu Prefecture in Japan, Dr. Mikao Usui was a physician, scholar and translator. His father was a Buddhist while his mother was Christian. Due to this, he was nurtured in both these religions / traditions and due to his interest he became expert in the knowledge of both traditions. He was the dean of a small college teaching Christianity in Kyoto and so, along with some of his colleague, used to teach lessons from Bible about spiritual ways of life to live in peace, harmony and compassion.

We all know that Jesus possesses miraculous healing powers, where, just by his touch, people were known to get healed. Bible mentioned such powers many times. One day one of his student asked to Mikao Usui that- does the information in bible are true and accurate ? Does the Jesus really possesses healing powers and healed many people just by his touch or blessings ? If yes, how Jesus made this happen ? Dr. Mikao Usui replied saying that in the bible Jesus says, ” these miracles are nothing- I demonstrate these only because you have little faith in power of God and after me will come many who will do much more than I have done.”

The students were now more curious and asked Dr. Mikao Usui to teach him how Jesus healed others. By this we will be able to heal others and to ourselves also. Dr. Mikao Usui said that he don’t know that how did Jesus healed and he also admitted that Lord Buddha also possessed such healing abilities before Jesus. So he went to a Buddhist monastery to meet one of his friend to know how did Lord Buddha did these healing miracles. But to his disappointment his friend also did not knew how Lord Buddha did it, and he said that yes, Lord Buddha posses these healing powers but the knowledge about these things are now lost. He said that we are more concerned with spirit then physical body. Dr. Mikao Usui could not digest this as according to him ignoring physical flash in pursuit of self-realisation seemed somewhat unreasonable.

He returned to the students and said as a teacher I must have known this, but now, as I am not qualified to be your teacher anymore as per Japanese tradition, so I am resigning from this college. Students asked him that his resignation will be of no help to them as they wanted to know about this healing method. This was the moment which made Dr. Mikao Usui to begin his search for this lost method of spiritual healing. Dr. Mikao Usui went to many places to rediscover this method. He first went to America, to Philadelphia but did not obtained anything of his interest. He then came to India, thinking that, it is the home of Buddhism and all sacred and esoteric knowledge. He came to know that he will have to study some holy scriptures which were written in Sanskrit. Dr. Mikao Usui then learned Sanskrit and also went to Tibet to study Lotus Sutras of Buddhism. His search for this continued over a period of 20 years.

As all the intellectual and theoretical avenues had been covered, so he decided to go up onto the holy mountain and fast, pray and meditate. He collected 21 stones so that he can keep track of days. As the days went by and he continued to fast and meditate, his awareness shifted. 20 days had been passed, but on 21st day, he went through a metaphysical experience that finally gave him what he long for. By mystical revelation he had gained the knowledge and spiritual power to apply and attune and heal others, to what he called Reiki. He received some esoteric symbols also, now called Reiki symbols for healing. This is how lost healing method was (re)-discovered.

After having gained this esoteric knowledge, a series of unexpected things occurred with him. While when he was stepping down the mount Kuriyama he stubbed his toe on a rock, and because his nail had come off, it was bleeding now. As soon as he put his hands on his hurt toe, the pain and the bleeding began to dissipate very rapidly. He realized that something was different about the energy in his hands. His hands were very hot. This was the first miracle of healing. After healing his toe, he continued down the mountain.

Furthermore, due to his fasting and strict penance, he has not eaten anything and was feeling hungry, and therefore entered a restaurant-kiosks. He ordered porridge which should be cold. The waiter told him that, as he has not eaten anything for many days, if he eats all this cold porridge, he may fall sick. But Dr. Mikao Usui decided to eat cold porridge. Amazing not only he eat that cold porridge but also drank cold tea. Everybody was surprised that how he is able to digest all that but he surely and easily digested all whatever he has consumed. This was second unexpected healing miracle.

Taking further, at this restaurant Dr. Mikao Usui happened to meet the owner’s daughter who was suffering from toothache. When Dr. Mikao Usui touched her jaw and healed, there was no pain anymore. This was the third healing miracle.

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Additional info:

  • It is belived that Dr. Mikao Usui was a Christian. But no strong evidence has been found in support of this yet.
  • It is believed that Dr. Mikao Usui was principal in Doshisha university in Kyoto. But again we do not have any evidence till today.
  • According to Mrs. Takata, Dr. Mikao Usui neither find any information specifically related to reiki in Sanskrit sutras nor did he find any symbols which are actually regular Japanese kanji terms. But he found a formula, a way, by which we can contact those divine powers who has the ability to bestow healing powers.
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