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According to the religious text Devi Bhagwat Puran there was a Demon known as Tripurasur who was very strong and had divine energy and power. Due to these qualities he became proud and started to trouble deities and sages. No one was able to defeat this strong demon in war. On seeing his immoral actions Brahma, Vishnu and Other deities prayed to the Devadhidev Mahadeva Shiva (The greatest,lord of Lords Shiva) to destroy evil Tripurasur. Lord Shiva closed his eyes and meditated for some time. When he opened his lotus shaped eyes tears fell from them on the earth. Wherever his tears fell the Rudraksha tree Grew. The fruits that grow on this tree are known as Rudraksha Beads. Lord Shiva then used his deadly divine weapon known as Aghor and destroyed Tripurasur.

According to another religious text Shiva Mahapuran, Parvati the divine consort of Lord Shiva asked him the origin of Rudraksha. On hearing her question Shiva said that he did penance for a thousand years. Tired of keeping his eyes closed for so long, Shiva opened them.A few teardrops fell to the ground and from these tears, the Rudraksha tree was born. The seeds of the tree were distributed on the earth.

Shiva Purana describe Rudraksha’s origin as Lord Shiva’s tears. He had been meditating for many years for the welfare of all creatures. On opening the eyes, hot drops of tears rolled down and the mother earth gave birth to Rudraksha trees. Lord Siva has many aspects indicated by His 1,008 names Lord Siva is responsible for creation, evolution and dissolution. Lord Siva dances creation out of existence at the end of time and then after an appropriate time He destroys the silence itself by dancing and the activity of His dance gives rise to the appearance of Narayana and causes creation again.

One ancient story explains the origin of Rudraksha. Once upon a time, Lord Shiva was very upset and depressed due to the death of “Gauri”, his wife. He started crying and roaming here and there in search of “Gauri”. And while searching too he was crying and his tears were falling on the earth. This is said that his tears were converted in Rudraksha.

Spiritual Significance of Rudraksha

Lord Siva is also known as Rudra and the Lord of Tears. The meaning of the name Rudra is traceable to the Vedas and said to be derived from rud (dravayita) he who drives away sin or suffering. The Vedic Literature states that as by pouring water at the root of a tree, all its branches are nourished, by pleasing Sri Rudra through Rudrajapa, all the Devas are pleased. One attains Bhukti and Mukti, enjoyment of life as well as freedom from the ills of the world by the chanting of Sri Rudram with devotion.Various holy scriptures(vedas) have described the significance of Rudraksha as being most valuable in dissolving karmas.


Talk between Sage and Brahmin ….
image The Shiva’s name, the ashes and the Rudraksha beads – the three are very holy and are on par with triveni (confluence of ganges, yamuna and sarsvati).
image The sight of the person who have these three in their bodies occurs rarely but when occurs it removes all sins.
image The man who has no ashes on his forehead, has not worn Rudraksha on his body and does not utter names of Shiva shall be shunned as one does a base man.
image As said by Brahma, Shiva’s name on a par with Ganges the ash is equivalent to Yamuna and Rudraksha destroys all sins(and is equivalent to Saraswati).
image The Lord Brahma put on one side the benefits obtained by wearing Rudraksha, chanting Shiva’s name and using ashes with blessings gained by people who took their path in holy Triveni, and found them to be equal. Therefore scholars should wear them.
image The Rudraksha are auspicious and all people should wear Rudraksha of their own Varna.
image If they desire their benefit, namely worldly pleasures and salvation and if the devotees of Shiva wish to gratify Shiva they must wear the Rudraksh.
image A Rudraksha of the size of an Dhatriphala (Emblic myrobalan) is mentioned as the most excellent; one of the size of the fruit of the Badariphala (jujube tree) is spoken       of as the middling.
image O Mahesvari, even the Rudraksha which is only of the size of the fruit of jujube accords the benefit and heightens happiness and good fortune.
image The lighter the Rudraksha, the more fruitful it is. Each of these is fruitful and that of aweight of one tenth is considered by scholars as most fruitful.
image Rudraksha of even size, glossy, firm, thick and having many thornlike protrusion yield desires and bestow worldly pleasures and salvationfor ever.
image Six types of Rudraksha shall be avoided: that which is defaced by worms, is cut and broken, has no thornlike protrusion, has cracks and is not circular.
image That which has a natural hole from end to end is the most escellent; that which is pierced by human is middling.
image When weared during day the man is freed from sins commited during night and vice versa.
image Man who wear Rudraksha is favourite of five deities – the Sun, the Ganesha, the Durga, the Rudra and the Vishnu.
image On seeing a man wearing Rudraksha all ghosts, evil spirits, witches like Dakini and Sakini, and spell leave off in suspicion of fight.


image Even just by seeing Rudraksha once sins get dissolved. The one wearing Rudraksha over forhead,chest and arms, becomes like Ishaan (Shiva) and remains present at all places where Yajnas (Homamas) are performed. The place where he live become holy.
image The person even who touches or look another man wearing Rudraksha become free from evil deeds.
image The blessing of Rudraksha is equvalent to the blessings one get from major pilgrim shrines.
image By wearing Rudraksha a man becomes free from sins and becomes entitled to stay in Apavargabhak (heaven).
image The mala should be knotted by the wearer himself properly. It should not be made by shudra. And the mala should have a meru bead.
image If the japa with Rudraksha is done at holy places, one drives benefits crore times.
image Even an animal dog can achieve rudratva ( Shivahood ) if it dies wearing Rudraksha around neck,then what is there to ask about human beings.
image A man wearing mala on the head and heart when walks then for each step he drives benefit equivalent to that of performing a Ashwamedha Yagya.
image Wearing all mukhi Rudraksha makes a person like myself and therfore O son! (Kartikeya) one should make all efforts to wear Rudraksha.


Talk between Kalagni Rudra and Bhusanda ….
image  The wearer of Ruraksha becomes free from all sins if Rudraksha is worn on an eclipse day, sunset, at the time of solar cycle: Uttarayan or Dakshiyan, at Purnima or Amavasya or on the last day of lunar month. The main body is considered as Vishnu, the top part(where mukh starts) as Shiva and the bottom(where mukh ends) as Brahma. Various devas resides on it. If the the word Rudraksha is chanted hundered times it gives benefit equivalent to donating ten cows.


image The one who wear 32 Rudraksha on his neck, 42 on his head, 6 on each ear, 12 in each hand,16 on each arms, 1 on each eyes, 1 on the crown, 108 on chest (251 in total) becomes Devadhideva Mahadev himself. It can be worn with silver or gold on crown or on your ears. Possesing Rudraksha indicates that he has recognised the knowledge of Shiva tatva. The Rudraksha bead that is placed on the tuft or on the crown hair represents the Tara tatva i.e., Aum Kara.

image The 108 beads rosary is considered as the 108 Vedas (signifying full knowledge). It is by holding the Rudraksha that Brahma remained unsullied in his Brahmahood and the Munis have been true to their resolves. If a man wears a rosary of 108 beads, he gets the fruit of performing Ashwamedha Yagya, ascend his 21 generations and secures his place in Rudra loka.

image The Rudraksha has twofold powers: it can bestow the Bhoga (worldly pleasures) andMoksha (nirvana) as well. Never use Rudraksha worn by other man and do not wear it during negative work or at negative places. Even if one who does not practice japa or meditation get freed from sins just by wearing Rudraksha.

image If Rudraksha is placed on head then non vegetarians, drunkards and accomplices in crimes get free from sins. Even if one does not wear Rudraksha but has devotion towards him, get the same benefit as drived by wearing it. If one pour water that has been charged by Rudraksha, it is equivalent to ablution in holy Ganges.

Miscellaneous Sources

“Mlechkhho Vaapi chandalo Yukto Va sarvapaatakai,
Rudraksha Dharayedyastu Sa Rudra Natra sanshaya”.
The men who are Mlechchha, chandaal (impious and inhumane) or he who is full of all kinds of vices get the form of Lord Rudra. There is no suspicion about it.

“Dhyaan dharan Heenoapi Rudraksham Dharaya Budhah,
Sarvapaap Vinirmukto sa yaati, Paramam gatim.”
A man with meditation and perseverance and a wise man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all the sins and attains the supreme goal of the human life.

“Shiva Poojayam Asya Mala Dharana ma vashyakam”.
It means that Rudraksha mala must be worn at the time of worshipping Lord Shiva.

“Rudraksha Kewalam Waapi Yatra Kutra Mahamate,
Sumantrakam Wa Mantren Rahitam Bhava Varjitam”
“Yo Wa ko Wa naro Bhaktya Dharyellajjayaapi Wa,
Sarvapaap Vinirmukta Samyagjnanam An Wapnuyaat”
Rudraksha can be worn by chanting mantra or without chanting it , with reverence or without it, with devotion or without it, with shame or without same i.e. with whatsoever procedure a man who wears Rudraksha gets rid of all kinds of sins and gets knowledge well.

“Shiva bhaktya shantaya dadyadrudrakshashuttaman,
Tasya Punyaphal syantam nacha ha vaktumats the
Dhritrudraksha kanthaya yastvanna sam pryachchhatitri
Saptakula mudadhritya Rudraalokam sa gachchhati.”,
A Shiv bhakta i.e. devotee of Lord Shiva should be given Rudraksha for peace. The limitlessness of the result of its virtues cannot be described. A man, who gives food to the wearer of Rudraksha, reaches Rudraloka i.e. the kingdom of Lord Rudra after providing salvation to seven orders of his ancestors.

If the wearer of the Rudraksha dies, he does not take another birth, he reaches the kingdom of Rudra. If a man who is wearing Rudraksha around the neck or an arm dies, he lives in the kingdom of Rudra after providing salvation to 21 orders of his ancestors.

A man who wears Rudraksha with Pearls, Coral, Crystal, Silver, Gold or other precious stone, takes the form of Lord Shiva. The devotee who worships Lord Shiva in the form of Rudraksha devotedly, becomes a king inspite of being poor.

“Arudrakshadharo Bhootwa yadyat Karmach Vaidikam,
Karoti Japahomaadi tat sarwe nisphalam bhavet”
A man who perform Vedic rituals, chanting mantras, yajnas etc without wearing Rudraksha, gets no virtue or fruit.

“Snane dane jape home vaishvadeva surarchne,
Prayashchite tatha shraadhde deeksha kaale visheshatah,
Arudraksha Dharo Bhootwa yat kimchit karma vaidikim,
Kurvan viprastu Mohen NarakepatatiDhruwam.”
Failing to wear Rudraksha , a man who performs religious deeds/bathing, worshipping gods Vishwadeva to perform the penitence (repent) and shraadhda karmas (deeds for bygone souls) , at initiation, falls prey to innocence and worldly attachment and at last falls into hell i.e. his down-fall comes. It is the reason why a man should wear Rudraksha while performing religious activities.

The wearer of Rudraksha not only makes Lord Shiva happy but pleases Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, Ganesh, Kaartikey, Durga, Indra, Aditya and the ruling deities of the nine planets.

A man can feel unlimited pleasure only by seeing Rudraksha. If an innocent, undevoted and immoral man wears Rudraksha with love and faith, he gets rid of all sins and attains the supreme goal. As long as a man keeps wearing Rudraksha, he does not fear untimely death. He cannot die without completing his span of life. At the time of death he gets the true knowledge of Lord Shiva and His abode too. One should wear Rudraksha by all bits of efforts.

Wherever Rudraksha is worshipped the Goddess of wealth always stays there. Rudraksha assists in awakening of Kundilini. Rudraksha help increase Self power and invoke Self love . They also enhance the Charisma of the wearer.It gives peace of mind to the wearer, stimulate the mind and sharpen the intellect.

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