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Manomaya kosha is the name used to refer mind and its realm. Mind is not one homogeneous unit, but rather fragmented bunch with many different levels of thoughts and emotions. Many underlying feelings and subterranean currents are seeking conscious recognition. Through endless pursuits and sensations, using thoughts, mind keep consuming one’s energy. It is a creature of IMPULSE, capriciously creating thoughts, which then compel us to act on them. A feeling slowly and subtly builds itself up into an idea in. Indulgence in thought dissipates energy. Some thoughts like sex, fear and anger have more energy locked in them than others. When thought starts operating desire begins to move.

Mind does not center in present

Escapism is one of the fundamental activities of mind. It instinctively finds some escapist activity to keep the thought process going, such as thinking about last day or planning about tomorrow etc. The mind creates an obsession with the future as an escape from the unsatisfactory present. Escapism is not going to bring good results. Understand that only the warrior capable of reining his mind; overcoming his temptations and cravings is going to win in the end. Doubt is another fundamental characteristic of mind. The mind, by its very nature can be assumed as a mechanism which likes to hold onto past memories. In-fact its very existence is dependent heavily on these memories. It is the escapism which does not let you stay centered and aware about present moment completely.

In the classic spiritual bestseller book, The Power of Now, sir Eckhart Tolle tells us that whenever any negative feeling arises in your mind take it as a message: “Attention; Here and Now. Wake up. Get out of your mind and be present”.

Mind and its faculties

The mind has been found to work through four faculties. The conscious mind consists of ‘manas’ and ‘buddhi’ and the subconscious of ‘chitta’ and ‘ahankar’. The manas is ground for desires, aspirations and longings. Buddhi is the discriminative faculty of mind which takes decisions (as per norms of civility, duty, conditioning etc) and where thoughts germinate. The deepest levels of mind operate in its chitta and ahankar. In chitta lies the habits, instinctive behaviors, personality traits and the character acquired as per the past lives. Ahankar is the ego by which a person builds his self image. Buddhi has no control over chitta and therefore whatever is stored in chitta is removed through meditation. Chitta and ahankar are much more powerful than manas and buddhi. Through meditation we learn to utilize them equally.

Mind and meditation

Meditation plays very important role in controlling mind. It is not concentration, but an act of seeing the mind objectively while being aloof and quiet within. One need not go anywhere, to anyone, to any book or vedas or technique to find our inner self. Diving into oneself with attentive watchfulness within and complete awareness we can discover our true nature. At present only mind sees not the eyes. It is mind that hears not ears. All of our senses are hostage of thought mind. We are not sensitive just merely clever. Choosing between two thoughts is not freedom because the mechanism of thought itself is the bondage. To cease the energy consumed by the thoughts that come in mind and direct it into our inner space is the revolutionary turn of the mind energy. Herein lies the secret of spiritual endeavor.

As the meditation deepens, a state of connected-ness with something infinite, indestructible and beyond form arises. The inability to feel this connectedness gives rise to the illusion of separation, from yourself and from the world around you. It is possible to dissolve long held mental patterns in subconscious mind by the light of meditation and awareness. By being aware of thinking mind, these subconscious patterns are brought into the light of conscious and as we dis-identify from them, they get dissolved. As the negative pattern are dissolved, life become prosperous. But remember that, although good experiences can be useful landmark on the path of meditation, but they can be traps if attachment enters in. Ii is VERY IMPORTANT TO SAVE OUR ENERGY because mind has negative tendencies that dissipates our energy.

Mind a tool to experience this world

The mind is a beautiful tool whom we have built for our own convenience, for our own survival, to experience this earth. It helps us a lot in that way. The problem begins only when it tries to hold on to itself and start dictating everything in our life.

Mind creates paranormal / psychic events and experience them

Indian scriptures mentions : “Aham brahmasame”, meaning that I am the creator. It is mind that create what we experience with the help of prana. After creation it is only through the mind that we experience for example what we see or what we hear is only through mind.

Imaginative mind: a storehouse of incredible infinite energy

Human mind continuously generates and transmits high power energy currents they become feeble and get dispersed in space. If some how this energy can be saved and used for particular purpose, miraculous results can be obtained. It is a established fact that prolonged contemplation on a particular person or object creates a deep impression and change in the very personality of the person. Willing or forced concentration on a particular subject or scenario can mould the thinking process of man. Concentration is the expertise of preventing dispersion of mental energies, their conservation and utilization for the objective of self-evolution.

Its all just state of mind

The words that we hear from people around us, affect our state of mind. As per our defense strength and the words spoken, we either feel happy or sad. If we are not centered and grounded then these words can trigger surge of harmful emotions like fear, anger, jealousy, loneliness and envy etc. The mind, like water, has a natural tendency to flow downward. It tends to indulge into what is harmful for us. It naturally resents being controlled or restrained. It gets bored doing the same thing again and again. It constantly craves newer and more pleasurable experiences. Learn to identify what is the state of your mind. What triggers which state in you and then try to manipulate various states by yourself by utilizing the power of gyan and dhyan.

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

At any instant of time how we perceive anything depends upon our state of mind. Both concept ‘lack’ and ‘abundance’ are processes taking place in mind. It is completely upto us what we choose to experience at any time. When challenges come your way, have faith that you are able to see them through with abundance as your state of mind instead of lack.

Discovering intelligence behind mind is the beginning of self-realization

The mind creates many misconceptions and illusions such that we remain far away from the truth. It is necessary for us to have complete control over mind for self realization. It takes a great deal of energy to gain complete control over the mind. Without such control it is not possible to have the most mature form of meditation called Samadhi. It is due this reason seekers are advised not indulge in anything that waste energy, for instance, celibacy, talking too much, any mental or physical abuse etc.

Begin increasing your awareness and expand your consciousness by being a witnessing your own mind. Whenever any event happen immediately shift your attention and start observing what is happening, who is doing what, what you are doing etc. The moment you become witnessing consciousness you withdraw energy from mind. And it is at this state of high awareness you can see that ‘I’ and mind may be two different things. Be the observer.

Mind and body are one

The mind starts with an idea or thought such as sex or fear and then builds it up silently. This stimulates the imagination, which then affects the physical body, nervous system and the etheric body. This in turn stimulates some action or reaction. Every thought and emotion creates its own thrust in space, affecting the life around. Like noise pollution, these mental / emotional activities generate their own contaminants, which then influence us in their own way. Our physical body is true reflection of one’s emotional state and state of mind at any time. If there is a apparent conflict between thoughts and emotions, emotions will be more true and thoughts will be misleading in almost all cases.

Being happy does not mean that everything is perfect. It means that you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.

Mind an illusionary quantum space

In his unwise desires for quick profit without caring to think about the future, man starts doing bad deeds. Bodily lusts appear very pleasing, but the fruits are so unbearable, that a solution becomes almost impossible. The family of problems created by insatiable desires is even bigger. For example desire for money and social status. Understand that it is the basic property of mind to makes things look like as if they are real. This proverb ” Grass on the other side always looks greener ” holds completely true in most cases. The moment our consciousness goes inwards during meditation, time and space ceases to exist.

Brain; a slave of mind

We have many thoughts and believes in mind at any instant of time. Mind gives the idea and brain accumulates all the logical reasons to support that idea. For example let us say you believe that ‘I am not good enough’. The brain now starts collecting all the negative traits and weaknesses in your personality. It bolsters them with your past failures and harrowing experiences. On the other hand if you think that ‘I am expert in this job’, the brain now collects all the incidences and information which proves that you are better than the others in doing this job. So carefully observe that it is the mind which generates an idea and brain follows it.

It is necessary to understand that at any instant of time we are doing our best with all the knowledge, experience, understanding and awareness we have. In the process of life, as we gain more understanding, experience and knowledge we will do things in a better way. Whenever mind gives an idea never immediately react but respond. Look for negative thinking patterns and dissolve them.

Concentrated mind can create miracles

Even if you identify that you lack control over your own mind is a big step towards gaining more control over it. When the mind and prana are in synchronization and focused, we can activate dormant divine faculties in ourselves and others. This is the secret of ‘shaktipat’. The master with his will power is able to active our ‘kundalini’ shakti.

Mind: an obedient servant but terrible master

The habits we develop over time creates permanent impression on mind. The mind gets manipulated easily by our thoughts and therefore constructive thoughts help us achieve positive goals but in the other hand unrestrained habits and thoughts pushes us to destruction via negative thoughts in mind.

Manomaya kosha and aagya chakra

Just like water flows downwards, the mind has a tendency to become attracted towards profane downgrading activities (inclined to regressive tendencies). For uplifting water we employ water pump, similarly we need meditation in order to uplift our mind, the level of consciousness.

When we meditate, we can feel our higher-self. Your higher-self is a presence that is never separate from you in any situation and you are never disconnected from that source at any time. You think you might be, but you never are and you never have been.

Mind and belief system

We believe that we are incomplete and lack something. It is this belief that that OPENS THE DOOR TO fear, jealousy, envy, longing for love and approval from others etc. The mind cleverly gets many opportunities to keep you busy in a search for love, peace and satisfaction through various events and people coming into your life. Always remember that what you see is what you believe. Our life (external world) mirrors our inner conditions and it is through meditation that when we heal ourselves things around us automatically changes. This makes us realize that “We are the Universe”. Duality ceases to exit and love pervades everywhere.

Mind and its deadly games

The mind has a tendency to keep us busy in something, such that we are not able to center in present.

  • Comparison : the mind always compels us to prove that I am better than the other. In this process we get entangled in various other games mainly that of ego.

  • Fear : The voice of ego comes always from fear. It induces certain thoughts about past and future which waste our energy.

  • Identity / self-image : According to psychology the motivation for gaining superiority over others comes from a sense of inadequacy and inferiority. It is not due to the recognition of our imperfections that we lack self esteem but the believe that we can never improve. If a sense of inferiority urges us to succeed in mundane or holistic life by ridding ourselves of imperfections, then we surely are not suffering from any lack of self-esteem. On the contrary we are in the process of a healthy emotional and psychological growth.

  • Greed : There is nothing inherently wrong with material success and pleasures, however, it creates a kind of competition which will never end.

  • Jealousy : This creates a strong desire to posses something that other have and we do not have. This distracts us from our actual objective.

  • Judgment : This is based on belief system each of us have. With judgement each one has an opinion about a person or an event. Being judgmental takes your attention outwards.

  • Attachment : It is strongly tied to ego giving a false hope of happiness.

  • Resentment : This is felt as a result of a real or imagined wrong done, however not realizing that our perception might not be accurate.

  • Revenge : This represents fulfillment of ego through certain action.

  • Complain : It is blame under the veil. Expectations are at play.

  • Question : Curiosity does not let mind center in present and focused and keep it wondering. The answer arises automatically in mindless state.

  • Craving : This is a kind of false hope for indirect happiness.

  • Blame : This is something all of us regularly do. Putting blame on others for anything means first we do not want to take the responsibility and second we give away our power. Whenever we blame someone else, we are not taking responsibility for ourselves. The mind through blame game keep you attached with the feelings of anger and strengths ego.

  • Other’s opinion : This is part of ego.


The mindfulness refers to the level of awareness we have at any instant of time. It is about being aware of every single thought that is coming to our mind. We observe that mind is filled with both thought that make sense and that does not. It is filled with random stuff. After practicing mindfulness for some time, the level of awareness increases and eventually a time comes when intensity of thoughts begin to subside. It is from this point on wards liberation from compulsive mind starts.

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