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The Vastu Shastra is the ancient science that give us rules and directions about how to construct our building, house, office and temple etc. so that we can derive maximum benefit from the cosmic intelligence. It says that a balance between five elements Prithvi (Earth), Jal (Water), Agni (Fire), Vayu (air), and Akash (Sky) is the key to abudance and happiness in a house. The Vastu dosha refers to problems arising due to house not constructed according to vastu shastra. It is possible to remove these dosha through reiki. Understand that it is all karmic at subtle level whatever we experience outside. Whether you give reiki to you or you give reiki to your house, both ways ultimately you are healing your karmas, the difference lies in just your perception.

The steps for such healing are as follows:-

  1. Calm down, relax. Take 3-4 deep breaths. Get into meditative state. Release physical strain, loosen up neck and back. Sit erect and attentive.
  2. Bring your attention towards the aagya chakra (Guru tatva is here) and say this prayer “Gurur brahma gurur vishnu, gurur devo maheshwara, tatpadam darshinam yena, tasmayi shri guruve namah”.
  3. Bring your attention towards the Sahasrara chakra and visualize it spinning, radiating white light.
  4. Invoke Reiki and Sanjavani. The heartfelt prayer charged by powerful emotions.“Sanjivani – 3, shiv shiva ki sanjivani, siddh guruo ki sanjivani, maa bhagwati sanjivani aur reiki mein aapka aawahan karta hu. Mein aapse prarthna karta hu ki aap mere sahasrara chakra, dono netro aur shiv netra aur dono haatho se pravahit ho. Mein sabhi siddh guru, samast devi devtao, sabhi siddh chetnao ka aawahan karta hu.”While chanting above prayer visualize a white light ray coming from universe and entering into your sahasrara chakra.
  5. Now mentally say that “ho Bhagwan shiv se sanjivani sabhi siddh uruo mein, siddh uruo se mere immediate guruo mein, mere immediate guruo se sanjivani meri aatma mein prawahit ho rahi hai”. I am perfectly connected to with the param tatva bhagwan shiva (say this last line 3 times).
  6. Now visualize that this light is penetrating every cell of your body. Every cell, every nadi and every chakra is now completely filled with this divine white light and you are like a light emitting sphere. Now say that “I am divinely protected and guided”.
  7. Now visualize the Sun, the Surya devta, his brightness and say “Mein surya devta ka aawahan karta hu”. 3 times. “Hai surya devta mein aapka aabhari hu”.
  8. Now request reiki and sanivani to flow into surya. “Mein maa bhagwati sanjivani aur reiki se prarthna karta hu ki aap mere dono netro aur shiv netra se surya devta mein prawahit ho”. Visualize white liht going from your aagya chakra to the sun. Keep imagining for atleast 1-2 minutes.
  9. Now request surya devta to mix his energy and send back it to you. This returned energy is called “Mrit Sanjivani”. “Mein surya devta se prarthna karta hu ki aap apani urja aur prakash mere aagya chakra mein prawahit karein”. Visualise that extremely bright white light is now coming towards you, into your aagya chakra.
  10. Now bring attention towards your house. Visualise your home, every room. Now request Mrit sanjiani to flow into evry room of your house. “Mein maa bhagwati sanjivani aur reiki se prarthna karta hu ki aap mere ghar ke sabhi kamro mein prawahit ho”. Visualize extremely white light filling every room and every corner of your house. It is as if your house is a light sphere; like a sun itself.
  11. Now request Mrit sanjivani to release all the unwanted energy. . “Mein maa bhagwati sanjivani aur reiki se prarthna karta hu ki mere ghar mein jaha bhi job hi unwanted energy ho usse isi chad release karein”. “My home is healed”. 3 times.
  12. Visulise that your house is now filled with white light. Visualize family members filled with joy, love and happiness. Congratulations you are done.
Additional info:-
  • Never be misguided, making you to believe that it is impossible to remove vastu dosha from your house.
  • Never be afraid about vastu dosha for example you are going to suffer a lot because you moved into a house who has vastu dosha.
  • Never be sure that just because your horoscope says you are going to suffer or are suffering due to vastu dosha, you can not change the conditions.
  • If you do Yagya in your house negative energy will automatically get removed.

Protecting house and things

Whenever you are going outstation make Choku Rei and Sei he ki on the main door with an intention that “My house is divinely protected”. “It is now safe for me to leave the house go and come back”.

Similarly when you want to protect anything say for example you are traveling and want to protect your bag from being stolen, then make Choku Rei and Sei he ki on that bag with intention “My this bag is divinely protected”. “It is absolutely safe for me to release tensions about this bag”.

Also you can make Sei he ki on the four walls of your house or room to remove and protect against negative emotional energy.

Practical uses of reiki
  • Healing relationship
  • Redesigning future
  • Healing ancestors
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