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Tips for energy healing techniques,reiki usui practitioners.

  • From this day onward put your 100% in every action you do. Fall in love with what you do and what you have to do. To understand this concept, try dancing with full passion. Put on your favorite dance music and dance to your fullest. Or take this example, listen and sing your favorite song. COMPLETELY DIP YOURSELF INTO THE LYRICS, INSTRUMENTS AND MUSIC OF THE SONG. SING LIKE EVERY CELL OF YOUR BODY IS SINGING.It is important for us to understand that when something is completely understood and perceived in its totality, it gets erased from consciousness. It does not leave any memory; there is no craving for or remnant of it. Therefore from this day onward live life to fullest. Right from this moment add life to days not days to life. Whenever we experience a deep longing or emotion our desire is inevitably fulfilled. Sometimes it has to wait lifetimes but it will bring us back into contact with the person we have longed to complete things with.

    When you eat food eat it like you have never tasted it before and it is a miracle. When you meet somebody greet with big smile and feelings of joy. Remember it is due to half fulfilled desires that we have to reborn. If you get stuck or found yourself helpless or really entangled, do something totally unexpected.

  • At every level of our being we are whole, complete and integrated. It is the mind who creates an illusion of incompleteness and duality. It is due to this reason we are attracted to the idea of sex at subconscious level thinking that it may give a sense of completeness. Same holds true for the belief “I am not good enough”. Take an example of a coin. When we see ‘dead’ we are not aware about the other side of coin i.e. ‘tail’. Head and tail both exist at the same time but we can not see them. Hidden in the problem (head) there is solution (tail). If you believe that you are not beautiful, you are seeing only head.

  • Regularly keep updating your belief system. For example if you have using the same soap from the last 2 year, ask is there any better soap in the market or else does my current soap lack something. Questioning and updating your belief system makes you realize that we have to have a broaden perspective; broadminded thinking. Change is the law of universe. What you think is right now may be wrong tomorrow or less fruitful and vice-versa. Begin making small changes in your life. Remember that tiny changes in life means accomplishing what seemed impossible. A 1.0″ change in angle makes the jet reach a different planet in space.Change is the law of nature. Both despair and euphoria about change are an evasion. Change is neither exciting nor depressing; it is simply a fact in the process of life. If you realize this you will open your self to non-attachment which is one of the source of suffering.

    No desire, ambition, craving, success, relationship, sorrow, job etc is permanent. As you move on in life you will meet new people, new events, new challenges and new joy. If you are suffering from a disease that too will go away one day. That one day when it happens is your decision. You can consciously choose to change anything and have absolute potential to materialize things. All phenomena have within them the seeds of their opposite state for example sickness has the seeds of health, problem has the seeds of solution etc.

  • Never fall under the impression that you are a victim. Realize and exercise the power of choice. What you choose is what makes your destiny. The ascended masters say that “We Are The Creator” (I am Brahma). The universe responds to every thought of us. Be aware from this point onward because what you think repetitively and sincerely feel is what you live. Be watchful about thoughts in your mind, especially limiting or wrong thinking patterns. Be watchful about every opinion, idea and belief. What you see is what you believe. Your intention fueled by the energy from your aura results in this world; the people and the life events. Outer world is complete reflection of our inner world.

  • Every healer must understand that sometimes pushing things beyond necessary creates more problems instead of solving it. Sometimes for winning we should retreat, infact, one step at a time, right step at right time is what is needed. Have patience and accept the things as they come. The Lord Buddha himself realized and give this concept known as “The Middle Path” in which he says that if we loosen up the string of violin it will not produce melodious sound, on the other hand if we strain the strings they will brake. So neither push excessively nor procrastinate.

  • Every moment of life is “Blessing”. It is due to our wrongly structured belief system that makes us pass through unpleasant experiences. We make our happiness conditional for example, a student make belief that he will be happy if only he could score 80% in an examination. Notice his happiness is depended on his performance. Similarly everybody depends his or her happiness on other persons or situations and as a result of this look for his happiness outside which he did not get. The moment you realize that happiness comes from within you, in fact, you yourself are “happiness”, this search becomes inner journey.

  • Observing your inner feelings greatly help heal karmas. If your physical body is overloaded with karmas, it will force you to get rest or step back from taking responsibility. Giving reiki to annamayakosha releases karmas in physical body.

  • The root cause of stress is lack of time management and priorities in daily life style. There is nothing to worry about. Never be afraid about any situation or from any person. There is nothing to loose ultimately.

  • Never suppress your desires. It will create more problems, instead develop clarity in what exactly and why you want, raise your conscious level through meditation.

  • There is a long series of up and downs, behind every grand success. The man, who can incur the pain, will ultimately emerge as winner. Understanding and interpretation of any situation at any given time is highly subjective in nature. What you interpret may or may not be right always. But one thing you will observe is that even when something wrong happens with you happens or results in something good for you. It is just that our low level of awareness and ignorance which is the root cause of all misconceptions.

  • When things go wrong, everybody looks for scapegoats. That is the truth. Begin taking responsibility right now right from this moment. Realize that whatever is happening in life is exactly the way how you wanted. You are 100% responsible for your happiness and pain both.

  • Practice non-judgment. Never form an image about anybody as it becomes one of the causes of sorrow. Every soul / person has its own journey of discovering the divine. For example just notice there are variety of people traveling by the train, different cultures, different languages, different cast, different status, yet all of them reaches their destination ultimately at the end.

  • In this universe everybody and everything is connected. Therefore what one do affects all of us. For example if you do some positive work then everybody shares the happiness.

  • We bear the fruit of our karma the very moment we do karma. Time as an illusion created by mind.

  • It is in times of crisis and new challenges, we realize how strong and good we are. Embrace every situation and every people that came in your life. Everything is having a purpose. They are helping in your karmic journey. Give them warm welcome and make a habit of celebrating everything. When you wake up in morning give yourself, your spouse and to the children a tight hug. Whenever there is a problem, there is not something to do but to know. Examine what belief you are holding that is helping this problem grow.Whenever you feel resistance or obstacle, ask 3 questions; (1) What is stopping me ? (2) What is it the reality of what is stopping me ? (3) What is the fear about what is stopping me ? Calm down, relax, get centered.

  • Do not force what you think is right upon others. Everybody has a different spiritual journey and belief system. Just think would you like it if others did the same ?

  • When we apply oil on our skin and then try to pour water on skin, the skin does not absorb water, similarly we must remain detached from whatever pleasant or unpleasant conditions or people we encounter in our life. The detachment prevents us from creating new karmas. Experience, learn, grow and move on with life.

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