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The enlightened masters says that we are being of infinite dimensions. We are not just this physical being but we exist on many other levels also. The feeling of phantom limb or organ (in energy body) is common experience which compel us to believe on such concept. Just like we have anatomy of physical body, similarly, in spirituality there are different systems for defining our divine anatomy based on functionality.

According to one such system we have three bodies; namely sthool shrir (physical body), sukshma shrir (subtle body) and karan shrir (causal body). In another system, we have five bodies which are collectively known as panchkosha (five sheaths) which are:

  • Bliss Sheath (Anandamaya kosha)
  • Intellect sheath (Vigyanamaya kosha)
  • Mind Sheath (Manomaya kosha)
  • Energy sheath (Pranamaya kosha)
  • Food sheath (Annamaya kosha)

It is believed that in order for us to realize our true nature, we have to refine these koshas through various meditations and spiritual practices. The annamaya kosha is controlled by pranamaya kosha, pranamaya kosha by manomaya kosha, manomaya kosha by vigyanamaya kosha and finally anandamaya kosha controls vigyanamaya kosha. Their exist a very high complexity among their working with each and influence mechanism, yet with the help of meditation we can unveil this divine anatomy.

Annamaya kosha

The annamaya kosha is a representation of the gross physical body. It is related to what we eat and drink.

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