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What is pranamaya kosha ?

The pranamaya kosha is a collective term used for refering the subtle etheric body (aura), chakras, nadis (meridian) and kundalini shakti. The pranamaya kosha can be further divided into five categories; prana, apana, vyana, udana and samana according to their functions.

What is prana

The prana manifest itself as desire, gyana and action. It is from prana that prithvi (Earth), jal (water), agni (fire), vayu (air), aakash (sky), devotion, intellect and mind are born. The is considered as the source of prana. The human body continuously absorb and emit energy. Most of the energy is emitted from brain, eyes, fingers of hand and leg and reproductive organs. The rate of absorbtion of energy is much more than that of emission. The prana is more subtle than mind.

Prana and prana tatva

There is difference between prana and prana tatva. The prana is what we breath, what makes us alive. It is due to prana that we are able to do some work or feel something. On the other hand the prana tatva is subtle thing. It includes action, management, thoughts and emotions. The prana tatva is subtle consciousness. Put simply, oxygen is matter while prana is the consciousness attached with that matter. The prana tatva affects ‘sukshma’ and ‘karan shrir’.

Sun: The intelligence behind creation

In this universe, animated, in-animated, materialistic or non-materialistic is made of Prana (Ki in Japanese or chi in Chinese). Ki is the basic unit of the universe. If you realize this concept to the depth of human consciousness, you will understand the universal mind which governs all creation, loving and protecting everything. Our conscious with the help of will power manipulates prana. For instance, different combinations of primary colors red, green and blue produces different new colors and shades, similarly, manipulating prana in different ways creates different things. The Sun is the main source of prana and it is due to this reason we have meditations, rites and rituals to appease the sun in every religion. The situations we encounter in our daily life infact every moment is the projection of prana with mind in action. Reiki meditation is the art of learning how to manipulate this prana consciously in order to take the control of our life fully. It is due to the electromagnetic properties of the particles of the light rays of sun that we human and Earth are magnetized.

Dis-ease and problems means lack of prana

According to the modern research in medical science, our health depends upon the balance between the magnetic field of the cells. Body cells are highly electromagnetic. Red blood cells are also electromagnetic and due to their proper circulation in body a balance is maintained. But when the cells have less electromagnetic energy we start developing dis-ease. The prana in its gross form in physical body manifest itself as electromagnetic energy. Lack and improper flow of prana is the cause of every dis-ease in human body.

Importance of pranayama

Although the terms energy and prana are used often interchangeably, but prana is a subtle concept. Prana is even subtler than the mind. Prana acts as a carrier for thoughts and therefore it is the proper flow and direction of prana movement that controls our thinking. It is due to this reason that just before meditation pranayama is suggested. It stabilizes mind movements and therefore it becomes easier to enter into meditative state. To gain victory over prana we have to refine manomaya kosha.

In womb the child can not breath, but he is connected to the solar plexus of mother. The solar plexus in spirituality represents the Sun. It is with the help of pranayama and meditation that we activate solar plexus chakra.

Scientific significance of Sun light

The world health organization (WHO) has approved chromo therapy as an alternate therapy due to its ability to cure even diseases which were found to be incurable by mainstream treatments. When the scientist carried out researches on Sun light, it was found to contain following elements: copper, calcium nickel, carbon, chlorine, manganese, hydro carbon, sodium acid, iron, barium, arsenic, chlorophyll, nitrogen, chloroform, oxygen, tin, ferrous sulphate, cadmium and platinum etc. Modern science has proved that the Sun light is a source of vitamin ‘D’. By using various spiritual techniques we can extract whatever element we require, and this also forms the basis of color therapy.

Sleep with your head pointing South and feet towards north

The Earth is a very powerful electromagnet which has a strong electric and magnetic field inside and outside the Earth. We all have an etheric connection with the Earth and just like Earth has North Pole and South Pole, we too have North Pole at our head and South Pole at the base of spine because human body too is an electromagnetic entity. The Earth gives us energy and therefore the more we are aligned with the field of earth more we are charged. It is for this reason we are advised to sleep with our head pointing south and feet towards north. It increases the strength of our pranamaya kosha. If practical arrangement of your room does not allow you to place your bed in south-north direction then sleep with your head pointing east direction.

Prana and our qualities

Human body is electromagnetic. The strength of this field is directly proportional to the amount of prana one have. If you lack prana you will be feeble, passive, less active mentally, unenthusiastic and will loose all vigor and vitality. On the other hand if you have prana you will be beautiful, active, sharp, talented, mentally, emotionally and physically strong. The sperm and semen contains high amount of prana and due to this reason the celibate yogis are highly energetic and filled with vitality.

The quality of our life is directly proportional to the amount of prana we have. Valor, charming personality, mental sharpness, creative intelligence, beauty, enthusiasm, vitality, artistic nature are all attributed to the prana.

What happens when we sleep

When we fall asleep our conscious mind is shut down and subconscious becomes more active. It now attracts the entire needed thing from the universe. It receives and stores prana which is required for our daily activities. It is due to this reason that we feel refreshed and charged when we wake up.

Prana, things used by monks and temples

Everything people, place and events have their aura. We left more energy impressions on what we like more or on things that are used by us regularly. This means that your clothes will have your energy exactly according to what kind you are bad or good. Monks have high pious energy, it is due to this reason that the belongings like clothes, foot wares and utensils used by monks or siddhas are considered as holy and is worshiped. The temples to have their aura; an abundance of prana. Due to this reason when we meditate in any temple we go deeper into our reality. Similarly, hair and nails have long been know to be used in shamanic work because they are energy signature of an individual. Monks use silk and woolen because of their ability to protect energy dissipation.

Pranamaya kosha and environment

The energy body is highly influenced by its surrounding environment. Pranamaya kosha continuously exchange energy from its surrounding. We know that the air contains electrically charged ions; namely positive and negative ions. Scientific research has proved that negative ions are highly beneficial for human health and well being while greater amount of positive ions in surrounding invites dis-eases. Electric negative ion generator is now becoming common house hold appliance. We absorb negative ions through breathe and skin. Places like temples, forest and areas near river or sea are rich in negative ions. It is due to this reason that we feel energized when we happens to visit such places. When we are sick or dis-eased, then according to our thoughts and mental state our aura changes; the more negative we think or the more sick we are, the more accumulation and emission of positive ions happen from us.

Pranamaya kosha and associated sadhna

Mainly there are two sadhnas that a seeker may practice easily.

  • Meditating on pranamayakosha as a single entity. This involves dhyan dharna on pranmayaakosha visualizing it as illuminated with prana.
  • Meditating on individual chakras. This involves visualizing that a particular chakra is filled with prana and getting opened.
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