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It has been observed that different reiki masters adopt different steps for healing and all of them have proved effective. However there are certain points in our body for optimal healing. They are actually related to major and minor chakras of the etheric body, and by giving reiki treatment on those points the whole body gets cured. These points can be easily memorized in a short period. It is not strictly necessary to follow the exact sequences or only heal these points, but they may be more beneficial. We even advise the practitioners to follow their inner feeling and heal according to their intuition and experience. As a general rule emphasis should be more on the area where the patient feels pain. Remember, reiki life force energy is intelligent and it knows where it has to go.

Each point should be treated for a minimum of 3 to 5 minutes, but in case of acute problems, one can spend 10 to 15 minutes. In case of chronic disease, treatment should not be beyond 20-30 minutes to begin with, but the period can be increased later. The chronic disease indicates some deeply held issue which if resolved suddenly may produce unpleasant situations.

To begin with reiki treatment one should try to give the first treatments on regular for four days. That would help the body to eliminate poisons inside. Simultaneously one should be advised to drink a lot of water.

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Both hands at back head
image image image image
Solar plexus
image image image image
Pancreas and spleen
Hara chakra
Mooladhara chakra
Both Knees
image image image image
Left ankle and feet sole
Right ankle and feet sole
Thyroid gland
image image image image
Heart chakra
Solar plexus from back
Manipura Chakra from back
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