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  • Reiki 1st degree 3 minute music (26.3 MB download) click here

  • Guru prarthna (01.9 MB download) click here

image  Animation / video

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  • How to visualize divine violet light coming towards you from universe click here

  • How to visualize divine Sun light (visualize divine source of prana and higher consciousness) click here

  • Violet light chakra meditation (visualise divine violet light filling and activating all the chakras.) click here

  • Visualization scenerio when invoking reiki (visual a divine source in universe and a light ray enters from your sahasrara chakra from this source when you invoke reiki) click here

  • Visualization scenerio for chakra breathing practice (this is for heart chakra and can be applied to whatever you need. Visualise that heart chakra is breathing, it expands as it inhales prana.) click here

  • Meditation on mooladhara chakra click here

  • Meditation on swadhisthana chakra click here

  • Meditation on manipura chakra click here

  • Meditation on heart chakra click here

  • Meditation on throat chakra click here

  • Meditation on aagya chakra click here

  • Meditation on sahasrara chakra click here

image  Reiki manual
  • As a part of sharing our love and respect with reiki masters and practitioners, we have compiled a reiki 1st and 2nd degrees manual. You can get this free reiki manual here for download or read online below.

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