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Invoking reiki; the heartfelt prayer

At the beginning of reiki session we invoke reiki; the mysterious divine healing energy. This invocation must be the most intense, emotionally charged and powerful enough such that it captures whole of your attention and you get focused on the white light and sahasrara chakra. Remember the universal law; what we really feel from heart, the Universe is bound to listen to that.

  • Before starting the reiki session, always ask your patient to close his eyes and be thankful and welcoming towards divine love and healing energies that he is going to recieve. You can also ask them to focus on some pleasant feelings, white light coming to them or some symbol they already use in their meditation practice if any.
  • Irrespective of the dis-ease or problem, always give reiki to manipura chakra, because this is the power center from where the absorption and regulation of prana occurs and this chakra always get affected whenever there is any dis-ease or problem.
  • Always ask your patient to increase his water intake as water help in circulating energy, keeps cells in healthy conditions and help in removing negative energy through urine.
  • Before giving reiki treatment counsel the patient with aim of shifting his focus from problem to solution. Motivate him to open up with you and tell you whatever issue he is holding onto. Show him specific ways that will help him in bringing positive changes in his life.
  • If the time and conditions permit, give reiki to ear because there are many nerve that end here and are connected to brain and other organs. Every organ has a nerve supply which can either speed up or slow down the functions of that particular organ and therefore giving reiki to ear will not only heal many organs simultaneously but also will remove negative energy / thoughts from brain.
  • Never say reiki cures. Instead say reiki balances and allow the body to heal itself. Never give prognosis or false hope. We never know how and when reiki is goint to work for the patient.
  • Ask the dis-eased person to increase spinach (palak) and beetroot (chukandar) intake for atleast 15 days. This will increase the hemoglobin level, which will greatly help in better absorption and retention of prana thereby expediting healing process and permanent results.
  • Never play with the trust your patient has on you. Always honor his faith. Always follow code of ethics for reiki practitioner.
  • If you are frequently dealing with patients, it is good idea to take rock salt water bath in order to release any negative thought forms you may have taken subconsciously.
  • It is natural that the dis-eased person will also show some psychological things like lack or decrease in confidence and lack of enthusiasm, upto some extent. These things will get healed automatically when you heal the dis-ease.
  • Ask the dis-eased person to wear loose and comfortable clothes for reiki session and the healer should also wear comfortable clothes.
  • Treat until you feel the rise and fall of energy, or if you do not experience energy physically, just treat for 5 minutes at dis-eased part or area.
  • Ask your patient to write the things that are not working in their life the way they want.Include all areas as it would help in figuring out where exactly the problem lies more easily.
  • Make sure that during treatment patient does not cross either his leg or hands. This indicates unwillingness to heal at subconscious level.
  • Place your hands at about 3-4 inches above the dis-eased area. Patient must not feel the weight of your palm.
  • Reiki balances and heals surgically removed organs for example ‘phantom limb’. Tell the patient not to worry about it if he feels any sensations or something in that area.
  • Create a healing environment as it would Facilitate the psychological healing. It is very important to relax your patient both mentally and physically. Use some easy exercise to relax physically and use hypnosis or affirmations to relax mentally.
  • At the beginning and end of healing session always ground both yourself and the dis-eased person. End the treatment by sealing the dis-eased person’s energy field by drawing the power symbol on his solar plexus and have an intention “I seal (his name) energy field with love”. “He is always divinely protected and guided”.
  • During reiki session try to embed exact affirmations into his subconscious mind which are useful for him.
  • Remember that you are not medical doctor, therefore never make guesses about anything medically and do not take any chance. Do not ask patient to stop taking medicines. Advice him to relax mentally and physically. Advice him what food or things will naturally boost his energy (stamina).
  • Never attach or relate yourself with patient in any way. You will end up catching negative energy from dis-eased person.
  • Some healer feel drained after giving reiki. Reason for this is wrong intention. You are supposed to give reiki coming from universe and not your own prana. Also after the session is over detach yourself from patient (close reiki channel between you and patient) by using raku symbol and the method your reiki teacher has taught you.
  • Do not educate your patient about dis-ease. It becomes seed of new negative psychic impressions.
  • When using crystals, follow your intuition. Also one crystal may be best for someone but may not work for other. The Amethyst and rose quartz are the crystal that works almost with everybody. Do not use crystals if dis-eased person feels uncomfortable.
  • If you use aroma essence or soothing music, always ask first if the patient is allergic to some smell and whether he is comfortable with the music or not.
Finding energy imbalance and aura scanning, cleansing

There are many techniques for finding energy imbalances in the patient’s etheric system. Different reiki teachers use different techniques to dig out the root cause of the problem but as a general technique the point where we feel heaviness, warmness or rise and fall of energy is the place where we need to send reiki. For exact details follow, discuss and practice exactly what your reiki teacher tells you. The aura scanning and cleansing is again a subjective matter and you should follow what your reiki masters teaches you.

Giving reiki treatment; body response and side effects

When we give reiki treatment to the patient the body response varies from person to person. Some tends to heal very quickly while some shows increased resistance. The patient may feel rise and fall of body temperatures, body being heated or as if a current is flowing through his body. He may find that his diet and thrust for water has considerably increased. As a side effect some patient tends to withdraw themselves from people around them just because they are feeling inner peace. The level of stress and short temperateness decreases significantly. Sometimes an emotional outburst is also experienced. Some people have reported that they feel as if they are flying; physical body has no weight. Whatever happens during reiki treatment should be taken positively. Remember reiki does not harm you in any way; it is your ignorance that you do not understand the healing phenomenon.

Guidelines as per the dis-eased area

First of all understand that no dis-ease appears all of a sudden. Their lies a karmic seed (unfulfilled actions) of dis-ease in you which over a period of time manifest itself in the energy body (etheric body) first and if not dealt here will eventually appears in physical body. It is wiser to burn / release this karmic seed before it manifest itself in physical plane. Listen to your mind, body and be in touch with your emotions. They give many warning or hints about which dis-ease is likely to manifest. It is rightly said that ‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Brain and head region

  • Amnesia (memory loss) : it indicates that you are holding something from past and are unwilling to forget. Yet, that event / person / feelings etc get your attention more often but you are unable to get rid of it.
    Heal: aagya, heart and manipura chakra, manomaya kosha
    Affirmation: understand that past is past, be mature and leave it right now. At the end things are goint to get worse if you do not leave it now. What is the point in keeping those things which are no longer useful and infact are harming you. Change is the law of life. Feel and get involved in your current job, family and friends etc.
  • Depression : people suffering from depression usually have low self esteem and believe that they are helpless and inadequate in some sense. They do not love themselves and often have rigid approach towards life. They find it difficult to adapt to new situations and people. Depression should be considered as a state of mind rather than a dis-ease. Dis-eased person is angry and criticizes himself. Due to sprouting anger he feels guilty in subconscious mind and is reluctant to take responsibility.
    Heal: manomaya kosha and whole body for at-least 21 days
    Affirmation: carefully observe what makes you feel disappointed. Take them as challenge and put your bets skills and efforts. Life means joy, do not give up. Tell yourself “I love myself and I approve of myself”. ” I am divinely protected and guided”.
  • Dizziness : people suffering from dizziness are often found to be thinking continuously about something; a confused state of thinking again and again and running from issues instead of solving them.
    Heal: solar plexux chakra and manomaya kosha
    Affirmation: “I am happy and stable”.
  • Headache : it indicates high mental tension, unjustified ambitions and stubborn nature also causes headache. Due to failure in some area, low self esteem can also contribute in headache.
    Heal: manipura, aayga and mooladhara chakra for atleast 21 days
    Affirmation: “I love myself and I am content from my work.” I understand my feelings and keep myself balanced. Whatever you face, in any situation do not take immature decision instead take you own time.
  • Migraine : people suffering from migraine usually tend to be perfectionist. They tend to satisfy their over demanding conscience, strive to do what is right always, hard working and ambitious. They suffer severe headache when they can not meet their over powering demands. They are driven by guilt. It is common that these people have conflicts between logical reasoning and sexual demands of body and may suppress their desires.
    Heal: aagya chakra, forehead, mooladhara chakra and manomaya kosha
    Affirmation: keep yourself aware about your feeling and desires. Identify what causes what. Understand that a balance is the key and therefore figure out positive ways. Develop trust in the process of life.
  • Parkinson’s : people suffering from dizziness are often found to be thinking continuously about something; a confused state of thinking again and again and running from issues instead of solving them.
    Heal: solar plexus chakra and manomaya kosha
    Affirmation: “I am happy and stable”.
  • Baldness : people suffering from dizziness are often found to be excessive thinker and tends to take much tension and worry.
    Heal: aagya and root chakra and manomaya kosha
    Affirmation: “I am happy and stable”.

Eye region

We see anything through our eyes. When we do not want to look something or avoid instead of resolving the issue, eyes may suffer. Make it a habit of looking beauty and divinity in everything and tell yourself that everybody and every situation have a divine purpose. Always heal aagya chakra and head. Healing third eye chakra is usually recommended.

Ear’s region

Ear represents our capacity and inclination or aversion to hear something. Healing vishuddhi and heart chakra is found to solve problems related with ears.

Mouth and teeth region

If you are suffering from toothache, affirm yourself that “I am an excellent decision maker. I know that universe totally helps me in taking right decision. I rest securely knowing that only right decision is taking place in my life.”. Heal mooladhara and vishuddhi chakra.

Throat and neck region

Suppressing emotions, inability to speak for oneself, stubborn nature, anger, stress and anxious to please others are most common reasons for problems associated with throat and neck reason. It requires both healing of vishuddhi, heart chakra and counselling to develop understanding about process of life.

Heart and chest region

  • Asthma : The asthma patient is often found to have domineering mothers and rather ineffectual father. Mothers are frequently over protective and rather indulgent. Ashthma’s patients believe that it is wrong to express their emotions and is therefore they are usually lonely. They do not allow themselves to show their fears, anger and joy etc.
    Heal: heart and manipura chakra.
    Affirmation: It is safe to grow. The world is safe and I am safe.
  • Heart attack : People suffering from heart attack or blockages in heart region do not love themselves and to others. They feel guilty and do not forgive either to themselves or to others. They are often aggressive, anxious, impatient and intensely competitive (egoistic).
    Heal: heart and manipura chakra.
  • Gatric ulcer : It happens when you are unable to express your feelings, resentment and anger. These things affect digestion system.
    Heal: heart and solar plexus chakra, esp. after every meal treat manipura chakra
    Affirmation: learn to understand your feelings and respect the feelings of others. Avoid argument and feel that you love others and that you too are loved.


Hands represents our ability to give and receive. If we withdraw our self from society for some reason, we are inviting problems related to hands. Healing heart and manipura chakra works in most of the cases. Counselling the patient and understanding actual cause may be a better approach as well.

Stomach region

  • Acidity : It happens when we have unresolved issues in subconscious mind. Understand that overlooking or suppressing life problems is not going to benefit in any way. Face the problem and emerge as winner.
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura chakra and food you eat
    Affirmation: increase your awareness and meditate what exactly is the reason behind this problem. Ask what are the possible ways I can solve this problem right at this moment.
  • Appendicitis : It happens when we encounter and heavy obstacle in the flow of life, any strong fear etc
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura and mooladhara chakra
    Affirmation: start accepting life and its fact, tell yourself that ‘I am always safe and divinely protected’.
  • Colitis : people suffering from colitis are usually dependent, passive and anxious to please others like in their work place. They tend to avoid conflicts with others and may be very touchy. It is common that during childhood they have strict parent and unnecessary rules at home and have to suppress their personality and individuality. It is due to lack of love they are affectionate towards others more than a normal person would be.
    Heal: manomaya kosha and whole body
    Affirmation: instead of depending on others for raising your self esteem love yourself and enjoy life. Tell yourself that “I am safe and in symphony with divine”.
  • Constipation : it indicates habit of keeping yourself attached with past feelings, fears of facing bad past etc.
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura and mooladhara chakra
    Affirmation: start accepting life and its fact, tell yourself that ‘I am always safe and divinely protected’. I am in tune with life and moving ahead in life enjoying new experiences as they come.
  • Diaria : Usually it occurs due to fear but can also be a result of non acceptance (you want to get rid of something).
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura and heart chakra
    Affirmation: tell yourself that all the experiences in life are wonderful and joyful. I have strong digestive system and I am content.
  • Excessive appetite : It indicates lack of contentment, love and emotional security in life. You feel inner lonliness or you feel yourself insecure upto some extent. You may fear that what you have in hand today will be lost tomorrow.
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura and heart chakra
    Affirmation: “I accept myself and everyone in my life”. “I love myself and approve of myself”.
  • Indigestion : It indicates that you have a tendency to criticize others. Most of the time you find faults in them. You fear that you may not get all or the best.
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura chakra and whole body for at-least 3 days
    Affirmation: get rid of tendency of wasting your time on small things. Life means joy.
  • Intestine’s related : It indicates accumulation of stress and tension in your personality.
    Heal: manomaya kosha, manipura chakra and whole body for at-least 3 days
    Affirmation: get rid of everything that is no longer useful in your growth.
  • Nostalgia : It indicates that non acceptance. We want to digest that food and feelings which body do not want to take and therefore you vomit. It shows that you are full and change is needed.
    Heal: solar plexus and hara chakras
    Affirmation: You need to change life and ts understanding, be flexible and breath fresh air
  • Piles : It indicates some problem that you do not want to overlook because of pressure. Increase your awareness and observer what is making you afraid, there is no reason for us to fear in this life. Do not run from your problems and also do not suppress anger.
    Heal: solar plexus and hara chakras, knees
    Affirmation: I consciously choose to start a new life right at this moment. I am leaving whatever I no longer need. I accept my problems and feel comfortable.
  • Fatness / Obesity : It indicates that you are a loner.
    Affirmation: You need to change life and its understanding, be flexible and breath fresh air.

Genitals region

Genital represent acceptance about our own sexuality. Stress and worry is found to be the most common reason for Irregular mensuration. Heal mooladhara chakra and affirm that “I accept and love my self”.


The legs represent our ability to accept things and move forward in life. The represent growth in some way. Heal manipura and mooladhara chakra. If possible do grounding meditaion.

Miscellaneous problems

Accidents : people who are prone to accidents or frequently meet accidents are constantly under too much pressure and are highly stressed.
Heal: mooladhara, heart and vishuddhi chakra.

Arthritis : people suffering from arthritis are usually timid, shy and dissatisfied with their own work. They have inferiority complex and generally one of their parent is found to be domineering in home.
Heal: manipura chakra.

Back pain (lower):
Heal: manipura and mooladhara chakra
Affirmation: I trust the process of life. Universe completly support me.

Back pain (middle):
Heal: manipura and mooladhara chakra
Affirmation: I now release the past. I am now moving forward with love and forgiveness in my heart.

Back pain (lower):
Heal: manipura and mooladhara chakra
Affirmation: I love an approve of myself. Life love and always supports me.

Cancer : people suffering from cancer are victims of lack of love / affection from their family and friends. Generally their childhood is somewhat traumatic and may be abusive also. Cancer also indicates excessive self-centered-ness and selfishness. In some cases specific traumatic events can also cause cancer to develop.
Heal: gyanmaya kosha, continuous full body esp. heart chakra reiki treatment until cancer is cured
Affirmation: forgive everyone who have ever hurt you. Tell yourself “I love myself and I love everybody and everything”. “I accept and approve of myself”.

Epilepsy :people suffering from epilepsy are victims of guilt, negative thinking, high conflicts in subconscious mind, suppressed desires and aggressive attitude. During the ‘fit’ these suppressed things come out and dis-eased person experiences memory loss and losses consciousness etc.
Heal: whole body and manomaya kosha for atleast 21 days

Feeling exhausted / fatigue : it indicates over burden of responsibility, of which you now want to get rid one by one. It may also suggest lack of time and resource management skills.
Heal: manipura chakra and pranamaya kosha, full body for atleast 3 days
Affirmation: relax both mentally and physically. manage time and resources. Enjoy your work to its fullest. Regularly do reiki in morning.

Hay fever : people suffering from hay fever are timid or are rather obsessive. They can not tolerate crisis.
Heal: manipura chakra

High blood pressure : it indicates high emotional tension and issues held for long time. It occurs when you have emotional conflicts in subconscious mind and are unable to resolve them. This creates mental tension. Start resolving all the conflicts one by one and begin a brand new life filled with acceptance and love.
Heal: manomaya kosha, use sei he ki symbol, neck, hara chakra for at-least 21 days
Affirmation: I freely release past. I am at peace with myself and others. I forgive myself an others.

Insomnia : people suffering from insomnia tends to be introvert or are unable to express their feeling and thoughts. These suppressed clutter pop up from subconscious mind making mind, brain and body unable to calm down. Fear, worry, distrust on life, guilty, feelings of revenge and thinking about past and future are most common causes.
Heal: heart and aagya chakra, manomaya kosha and full body for atleast 21 days
Affirmation: spent your whole day in an environment filled with love. Leave your fears, past events, tension of future and feelings and emotions which are no longer useful for your growth right now. Understand that you are completely safe and secure in this heavenly kingdom of GOD. “you are always divinely protected and guided and that every event and people have a divine purpose”. So enjoy life. Try consuming ‘triphaka churna’.

Leukaemia :it indicates suppression of joyful desires and violent thought.
Heal: manomaya kosha, use sei he ki symbol, neck, hara chakra for atleast 21 days
Affirmation: I love myself and my job. I am completely protected and secure.

Low blood pressure : it indicates lack of love since childhood, tendency of surrendering in front of problems, disappointments and belief that ‘this is not going to work or there is no benefit in doing this etc’. This happens when we lack prana and courage. Observe and identify the thoughts, feelings and forces who are making you coward. Accept your weakness now and through meditation realize that it was mind which is at play. You are powerful, you were powerful and you will remain powerful.
Heal: Mooladhara chakra, manomaya kosha and whole body for atleast 21 days
Affirmation: I love myself and everything. I am completly protected and secure.

Low self esteem : this condition arises due to negative thinking, deeply rooted fears, self hatred, feelings of renunciation and lack of trust in life.
Heal: Mooladhara chakra, manomaya kosha, use sei he ki symbol
Affirmation: I love myself and my job. I am completely protected and secure.

Procrastination : emotional disturbances, lack of maturity about responsibility, fear of failure etc are common causes for procrastination.
Heal: whole body, pranamaya kosha for at-least 3 days
Affirmation: “I meditate over my responsibilities with full awareness”. “I am divinely protected and guided”.

Skin : people suffering from any kind of dis-ease in skin tend to suppress their emotions and are rather sensitive. Often it is found that they get irritated from someone frequently.
Heal: manipura and mooladhara chakra.

Tension and worry : it is the result of failures in regular life and fear of failing in future etc. You have tendency of distrust in life and your abilities and negative thinking etc.
Heal: whole body, heart, manipura and mooladhara chakra for atleast 3 days
Affirmation: “I trust in the process of life”. “I am divinely protected and guided”. “I am happy”.

Ulcer : people prone to ulcer are found to be very dependent on their mother in hope of getting a lot of love and affection. They may be confused sometimes also that whether they want to remain dependent or become independent. Also sometimes they tend to be ambitious and diligent.
Heal: mooladhara chakra.

Treating plants and animals

The plants and animals can also be benefited through reiki. Keep a piece of clear quartz crystal in the flower pot or bury in the vicinity of the root of the plant. Send reiki to this crystal with intention that it will keep sending reiki to the plant. Also send reiki to the plant with intention that it is nurtured with the love from mother Earth, the Sun and reiki. Visualize the plant growing to its fullest growth.

Similarly when you want to give reiki to animals, simply give some water to the animal (it is usually your pet animal), calm down and relax. Start sending reiki and your love to the pet. Visualize as if the white light reiki and your love are flowing from your heart chakra to the heart chakra of the pet animal. Have an intension that “I loving take care of you”. You may want to use rose quartz for your dear pet animal.

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