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It is said that – “Feeling strong is more important than being strong “. The greatest works that this world has ever witnessed, is the outcome of a great thought process. The mind contributes for 49% but the heart does the rest 51% for the perfection to come. But, there aren’t many who does every task with the right balance and correlation of mind, body and soul. It is not that they lack knowledge, but due to the wrong synchronization, they tend to take the wrong path. Reiki is not just a concept that anyone can argue on it being right or wrong, rather, it is the opportunity to be in line with your destiny i.e. the chosen path or the soul agenda.

I was living the life which was driven by circumstances; always doubting my potential. Reiki helped me understand and feel the holy power of universe and taking the charge of my own life. There are numerous material things that I can mention like job, health, money etc. that I achieved by practicing Reiki. But the only thing that I admire after Reiki being the part of my life is discovering the “HERO” within me. A person who feels he can do anything he wants to. A belief that no question will remain unanswered.

A spiritual being enjoying human experience !
Abhishekh Nigam, Software developer
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