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Q.  How can I use rudraksha ?
A.  Rudraksha can be used in a number of ways depending upon once requirement. Fot healing purpose during meditation a bead can be held in your palm or a mala (garland of rudra beads) can be worn. In general seekers prefer to wear a mala for the whole day.

Q.  Do I need to charge rudraksha before using ?
A.  It depends upon the seeker. In spirituality there is absolutely no need to charge or perform any ritual. Simply wear a mala or holding a bead will fulfill the purpose. If it to be used in conjuction of religiousness then the ritual suggested by your horoscope reader or religious advisor should be followed. But remeber, never be victim of misconception that if you do not perform a specific ritual rudraksha will be of no use or else may be harmful. Commercial people deleberatly creates these rumours.

Q.  Where can I find genuine rudraksha beads ?
A.  First of all understand that price of a rudraksha bead is directly proportional to its availability. The 1 face rudraksha is rarest and therefore its prices are incredibly high, on the other hand 5 face rudraksha is readily available and therefore cost much much less. Do not spent unnecessary time, efforts and money on rare beads. It is at this point shopkeepers trick you sale fake bead. For healing purpose 5 face rudraksha bead is best and is readily available and that you will get genuine bead too. But still if you want to go for some other face beads then use your personal resources for genuine bead.

Q.  Does the size of rudraksha bead matters ?
A.  The experiments shows that bigger rudraksha bead showed more electrical and magnetic properties. As a general rule use bead whose diameter is 0.7 inch or greater.

Q.  Can I wear a mala containing beads of different faces ?
A.  Yes, there is no restriction or harm in doing so. Infact always remeber rudraksha is never never harmful in any sense.

Q.  Can I directly place rudraksha bead on any chakra during healing session ?
A.  Yes, ofcourse. Rudraksha beads have resonance with heart chakra. Placing it there will give optimum benefit. You can place it wherever you want.

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