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Shape of crystal

Different crystal shapes are found to be beneficial for different purposes. Here is a list of most commonly used shapes:-

image Single terminated wand (used for sending distance reiki and focusing energy to a point)
image Double terminated wand (used for sending/receiving distance reiki and focusing energy to a point)
image Ball/sphere (used for holding in hand and placing in room)
image Pyramid (used for putting over a chakra and reiki wish chit)
image Rectangular and cubic (general purpose)
image Disk shaped (used for putting over body)
image Specific sacred geometry pattern (used for specific needs)
image Oval shaped (used for holding in hand)
image Pendulum shaped (used for diagnosis and dowsing)
image Tumbled (used for keeping in pocket)
image Cabochons (used for keeping in pocket)
image Bracelets (used for wearing in wrist)
image Mala (used for wearing in neck)
image Uncut and unpolished rough/raw (general purpose and for keeping in house)

Size of crystal

The size of the crystal does not really matters when it is used in conjunction with reiki or any meditation.. A pyramid crystal that you can place over chakra or can be hold in palm during meditation is most used and preferred. If the crystal is big or feels heavy, it will distract your attention during reiki session. For keeping crystals in room place at least 5.0 kg or more raw crystals which can be rose quartz, amethyst, black tourmaline or a mixture of these.

If you do not want to be in physical touch of crystal during meditation then keep a 1.0 kg or more rose quartz or amethyst in raw form near you specifically just behind you because we have spiritual body in back side.

Quality of crystal

The quality of crystal does not matter when crystals are used in conjunction with reiki or any meditation. Quality comes into play when we wear stones as ring. It is the power of your emotions and sincere intentions that invite miracles. There are instances even when people do not have crystal physically, yet mere by imagining that divine light is coming to them from universe and is amplified through an imaginary crystal had strong healing effects.

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