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Crystals absorb energy of surroundings which include thought forms of nearby people and therefore crystals even when not in use need to be cleansed on regular basis. Most commonly used method for cleaning them is to leave them overnight in rock salt water. In morning put them in running water for say 1 or 2 minutes. Now keep the crystal between your hands and give reiki to it. It is advised that you charge crystal for specific healing purpose, like if you want your heart to be healed, then while giving reiki to crystal, request the crystal to help you heal your heart whenever you use it.

The crystal and gemstone kingdom is so vast that it is quite natural for us to get confused about which crystal to choose for healing. Experienced reiki practitioners have found that Amethyst, Rose quartz and clear quartz are most suited for reiki treatment. The size, quality and duration is again subjective matter and vary from person to person. A crystal set i.e. having specific crystal corresponding to each chakra is also a good option. Crystal is one of the medium to establish direct connection with cosmic energy.


Amethyst with
reiki symbol


Rose quartz


Clear quartz


Black tourmaline

Some crystals are manufactured to imitate other crystals. Please ensure that you are using genuine crystal.


    Initial state


Holding rose quartz


Holding black tourmaline

The above aura photographs show that crystals have an instant effect on us. First photograph shows initial state of dis-eased person where aura and chakras are highly imbalanced. Black and grey color is present on right side of body, on aagya and sahasrara chakra, aura layers are torned. He is suffering on emotional, mental and physical level. He reported to have high hair loss, weight lose, palpitation, insomnia, severe anxiety and high mental and emotional disturbances in life etc. Second photograph shows the instant effect of holding rose quartz in left hand by him. Notice that size of all chakras get reduced (smaller is better in this analysis), dark red color is removed and sahasrara chakra gains brightness. Rose quartz mainly affects heart chakra which can be easily concluded by observing the disappearance of dark yellow-green patch in heart area. Appearance of white, lavender and blue color brings peace and harmony.

Third photograph is taken immediately after he holds black tourmaline. Notice how dramatically black and grey color is reduced. The auric layers gain uniformity. These experiments shows that the crystals when combined with reiki can accelerate healing process. For healing the above dis-eased person rose quartz and black tourmaline were used along with reiki. One more thing was observed that a specific crystal affects a particular area irrespective of where it is placed or worn on body.

Crystal Grid

The crystal grid refers to a special arrangement of crystals usually pencil and pyramid shaped. Clear quartz is used mainly to form crystal grid although other crystals can also be used. Just like certain sacred pattern for example reiki symbols are used to carry out a particular job, specific formation of grid creates a specific energy pattern. Star of David, star of Solomon, tree of life, the infinity symbol, the antakarana etc are some of the most common formations.

Placements of crystals in your home such as one in each corner can also be considered a kind of grid. In reiki crystal grid are generally used in conjunction with wish box. The wish chit is kept at the center of grid under a pyramid shaped crystal while 4 or 6 crystal pencils are kept in a way such that they point towards center. The grid is charged by sending reiki and requesting crystals to help fulfill the wish.

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