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Explaing Wish box and Distant healing in reiki,getting rid of negative energy,chakra balancing.

The reiki wish box refers to a container in which we keep our wish written on a piece of paper or photos of the people whom you wish to send reiki to. The main purpose of using this box lies in sending reiki continuously to the wish or person. One of the advantage of this box is that we can give reiki to a lot of people or events or wishes at the same time.

Making wish box is simple and easy. Take a box which can be of plastic or wooden (simple or decorated does not matter). Then on a yellow piece of paper write your wish with a red ink pen. Put this paper in the box and if you like keep a pyramid shaped quartz crystal on the paper also. If you have the reiki symbols attuned then draw them either on the walls of box or on the paper itself. Finally give reiki to the paper / box with full conviction that the wish is getting fulfilled right now right at this moment.

When writing wish care must be exercised about sentence formation. For instance the wish must be in present continuous tense. Some most common wishes are given below:-

  • Cracking examination :
  • Buying car :
  • Purchasing house :
  • Marriage :
  • Getting job :
  • Healing disease :
  • Spiritual ascension :
What you can keep inside your wish box
  • Affirmations to heal you mentally, physically and emotionally etc
  • Important papers like examination admit card, house registration, loan documents, affidavits, transfer letter etc.
  • Photographs of all the family members for harmonious relationship an well being etc

The above listed uses are just few examples. This list is never ending an you must decide priorities in your life and then use reiki wish box.

Distant healing

The reiki distant healing can be done by reiki channels who are attuned to reiki II or higher. When you give reiki decide any common time and ask your patient to relax and sit or lie quietly at that time. This increases the energy reception by him. You must have basic personal information about him, his full name, gender, age, place and problem. There are many ways which we can use for doing reiki this way and some of them are as follows:-

  • Visualization: Visualize a person made of white light and declare that this is this person (using his basic information). Now start reiki channel and follow distant healing procedure.

  • Photograph: If you can get his photograph, then declare that through this photograph he is receiving reiki. Draw symbols and follow distant healing procedure.

  • Intention slip: Write your intention that this person (using his basic information) is receiving reiki. Draw symbols and give reiki to the intention slip. Using photograph and intention slip can be an advantage when you want to give reiki to many people or you are a professional healer.

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